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Your Solution to Optimal Health

"The greatest wealth is health."

- Virgil

My Bio


Bioresonance therapy came to my rescue and made it possible for me to start my journey in helping others.

After a few years of travel and living abroad I became ill.  It started with stomach pains and progressed to a point where I could no longer eat 90% of my usual diet without gut noises and stomach pain, breaking out in hot sweats and tears after almost every meal. I was exhausted and frustrated, and at my lowest point I could only drink broth without feeling pain. I was tested for intolerances, allergies, put on elimination diets, had x-ray's, MRIs and scans. After two years of tests, I was still far from healthy and without answers. 

I felt like I was out of options and it was at this point a friend recommended Bioresonance therapy. Having never come across this holistic alternative before, I was fascinated with the positive results people experienced after having this therapy. I was unhealthy, unhappy and ready to try anything. I had nothing to lose. 

It started with basic testing that showed a variety of stressors and toxins that seemed to be the cause of my symptoms. By maintaining a regular treatment plan, I was once again able to enjoy food. Not to mention a noticeable improvement in my overall health and my allergy symptoms diminished in the process. I finally had my life back and was feeling better than I had in years!

Bioresonance helped me regain my natural state of wellbeing. As a Bioresonance therapist, I want to help people regain theirs. 

Your wellbeing is worth it.

- Marta


Rediscover Your Natural State of Wellbeing...

About Bio.

In today's society, we are exposed to, and we use many toxic substances and stressors including cigarettes, alcohol, chemicals and heavy metals that our bodies work hard to process but can in time build up and overload our system.

Bioresonance therapy, also known as BICOM, is a biophysical electronic technique developed in Germany approximately thirty years ago that identifies and can assist with these stressors. The BICOM system provides visual and auditory signals corresponding to the client’s physiological status. It detects changes in physiological functions that are outside of normal awareness, amplifies these signals and provides this as feedback to the client with the intention of promoting the healing process.


Common types of use of BICOM therapy include:

  • Pain reduction

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Stress reduction

  • Reduction of allergic reactions

What To Expect At Your Consultation

Your Bioresonance session will be tailored to your particular needs. The initial consultation usually comprises of testing using the BICOM system which will enable an understanding of which organs and systems are showing signs of stress, the type of stressor or toxin and an indication of how much treatment is required.

For the treatment, you will be lying on a mat and have your hands/ feet on metal electrodes. It is best to close your eyes, relax and concentrate on the problem area. The BICOM system requires a tiny sample of saliva, earwax, urine or blood to perform a tailored treatment in response to your body’s own frequency pattern. Several programs will be run with specific electrode placements and individualised frequencies set, chosen to target the organs or systems being treated.

Follow up sessions will test the stressors in order of priority prior to the subsequent BICOM treatment commencing.

We utilise the BICOM Optima at the Potts Point Health Space Clinic location and the BICOM 2000 at the Rozelle Health Space location.

Total Body Load Concept in Clinical Ecology 

Imagine the body as an empty barrel at birth. Each contact the body has with a 'stressing substance' in the environment, adds a little 'toxic stress' to the barrel. The regulatory mechanisms in our bodies can usually prevent the barrel from overflowing by processing and eliminating the stressors but eventually it will all become too much and the barrel will overflow. The result is illness. 

The Total Body Load is the accumulation of stressors. The size of the barrel represents each persons 'Resistance' - the combined effect of their immune and detoxification systems. Someone with a large barrel can handle a lot before they notice anything going wrong. With others, the more unfortunate ones, it doesn't take much to fill their barrel. Either because they were born with a 'smaller barrel' or because it was already beginning to build up before they were born. 

This concept also means that each person has his or her own 'toxic signature'. Even people with the same clinical condition often have different underlying causes. 

How Bioresonance Therapy Works

The treatment process is simple and tailored to your individual needs. Bioresonance identifies the key stressors that are linked to your symptoms. A personal assessment and a therapy plan are put together for you so that you know what to expect and when.

It is based on the realisation that every cell in the body as well as every substance in the modern world displays certain frequency patterns.

Bioresonance uses German technology designed to help ‘tune’ your body’s energy patterns related to the reacting substances back to a harmonious frequency.

It is not hard to imagine your body as a system of energy. In fact, you are continually emitting energy in the form of electromagnetic waves.

All forms of matter are made up of energy radiated in the form of electromagnetic oscillations. Every substance therefore radiates its own specific energy known as its frequency pattern.

Everyday stressors combined can overload the system and result in a range of disorders.

These stressors inhibit the body’s self-regulatory system and put too much pressure on the body’s ability to heal itself. For many clients these stressors are the last straw and manifest in the form of ill health, chronic fatigue and serious physical complaints.


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